Your Complete Revenue Check-Up

Optimize your practice with an assessment conducted by MTBC revenue cycle experts and learn how you can improve your bottom line and patient care.  

Our no-strings-attached Revenue Cycle Assessment reveals powerful insights about your group’s performance.

During our Revenue Cycle Assessment, we’ll identify...

  • Lost Reimbursement Opportunities
    A loss of just a few percentage points could result in thousands of dollars left uncollected each month. Our experts can review your collection rates to determine if you’re leaving money on the table and best practices to ensure future reimbursement success. 
  • Claim Submission Errors
    Expert review of your submission process uncovers errors that are slowing down your claims reimbursement. Get paid faster, the first time around.
  • Lost Revenue & Ways to Improve Patient Care
    Get a clear view of your account health. Our experts are ready to help you capture lost revenue, and find opportunities to improve patient care.
  • Unique Payer Insights
    We’ll take you on a personalized deep dive into your receivables at the payer level. Gain a clearer understanding of your unique relationship with each payer, so you can make more informed decisions.

MTBC Revenue Cycle Assessment is a free, no-obligation service created to help practices of all sizes work smarter, not harder. 

Are you performing to your full potential? Get started today by submitting your request, you have nothing to lose.